Since 1983, Utimaco has been developing hardware-based, high-security appliances (Hardware Security Modules) and compliance solutions for telecommunication provider regulations (lawful interception and data retention). Customers and partners of Utimaco in all parts of the world trust the company’s long-term, proven reliability and investment protection, as well as its many certified IT security standards. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support and trusted high security — made in Germany.


Cybersecurity gains dramatically in importance throughout all industries. For over 30 years now, Utimaco products have been protecting people around the world against terrorism and organized crime and have secured private and sensitive data against theft or abuse.

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs): Utimaco is well-known for its HSMs, which are hardware devices designed to protect and manage cryptographic keys and sensitive data. These devices provide a secure environment for key management and cryptographic operations, making them an essential component of data security, encryption, and digital certificate management.

  • Cryptography: The company offers cryptographic technology and solutions that assist organizations in securing their data and communications. This includes encryption and decryption capabilities, secure key storage, and cryptographic algorithms.

  • Compliance and Data Protection: Frequently, their offerings are tailored to meet the demands of compliance and data security regulations, especially in regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and government. Their products help organizations meet various data protection regulations and security standards.

  • Cloud and Hybrid Environments: Utimaco provides security solutions designed for cloud and hybrid environments, allowing organizations to maintain the security of their data and cryptographic keys in distributed and dynamic computing environments.

  • Cybersecurity and Encryption: The company's focus on cybersecurity and encryption aims to protect data and communication channels against threats, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity.

  • Secure Hardware: Utimaco's HSMs are built to withstand physical attacks and tampering, making them a secure foundation for cryptographic operations and key management.

  • Digital Identity and Trust: Utimaco's solutions contribute to digital identity management and the establishment of trust in digital transactions and communications.


Utimaco's products and services are designed to help organizations protect their sensitive data, secure cryptographic operations, and comply with data protection regulations. HSMs, in particular, are widely used in applications like secure key management, digital signatures, and encryption, making them a fundamental component of modern information security.