Delivering Continuous Exposure Management


Skybox Security was founded in 2002 by Gidi Cohen. The company's headquarters are located in San Jose, California, USA.

The company is a global leader in security posture management, providing comprehensive, automated solutions for enterprises, that allows businesses to understand, prioritize, and address their security vulnerabilities.

SkyBox Security's platform is recognized for its robust vulnerability and threat management module, which provides visibility into the complete network, including on-premise, cloud, and operational technology (OT) environments. It also offers advanced attack simulation, continual compliance monitoring, and multi-source threat indicator consolidation. Here are key details about the company:


Focus and Services

  • Vulnerability Management: Skybox Security offers tools and solutions to help organizations identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

  • Threat Intelligence Integration: The company leverages threat intelligence to enhance its understanding of potential risks and threats. This allows organizations to stay informed about emerging cybersecurity threats.

  • Firewall and Security Policy Management: Skybox Security helps organizations manage and optimize their firewall and security policies, ensuring they align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

  • Attack Surface Modeling: Skybox Security provides capabilities for creating a comprehensive model of an organization's attack surface. This helps organizations understand and manage potential risks to their IT infrastructure.

  • Security Policy Compliance: The company assists organizations in ensuring that their security policies comply with relevant regulations and standards.


Key Features

  • Automation: Skybox Security incorporates automation features to streamline and enhance vulnerability and threat management processes.

  • Risk Analytics: The platform uses risk analytics to assess and prioritize security risks based on various factors.

  • Visibility and Analytics: Skybox Security provides visibility into an organization's attack surface and uses analytics to gain insights into potential security risks.


Customers and Recognition

Skybox Security serves a range of customers, including enterprises and organizations with complex IT environments. The company has received recognition and awards for its contributions to the cybersecurity industry.