Intercede has been delivering innovative cyber security solutions to real-world digital identity challenges for governments, police, military, and multi-national companies for more than twenty-years. Their robust MyID credential management system (CMS) and wider MyID platform is trusted by leading organisations around the world. Where identity security matters, you will find Intercede and MyID.


Through their United Kingdom and United States offices they have one of the largest global teams dedicated to digital identity and credential management software and services.


Their ongoing success is built on, developing innovative, robust cyber security technology that is shaped around the needs of their customers and their end users. Adding value to their technology and commercial partners through a proactive, collaborative approach. Maintaining an engaging and rewarding workplace for their people. Delivering sustained growth for their investors.


The company provides products and services that focus on securing and managing digital identities, especially in enterprise and government environments.

  • Digital Identity Management: Intercede offers solutions for managing and securing digital identities. This includes managing access credentials, digital certificates, and other forms of identity authentication.

  • Mobile Security: The company provides mobile security solutions that help organizations secure mobile devices and applications, ensuring that they are used in a secure and compliant manner.

  • Authentication and Access Control: Intercede's solutions often include features for strong authentication and access control, ensuring that only authorized users can access critical systems and data.

  • Government and Defense Sector: Intercede has a strong presence in the government and defense sectors, where secure digital identities and access control are of utmost importance. Their solutions are designed to meet the stringent security requirements of government agencies.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Intercede's products often assist organizations in achieving regulatory compliance, especially in sectors where data security and identity management are highly regulated.

  • IoT Security: With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), Intercede also offers IoT security solutions to ensure that connected devices are securely authenticated and protected.

The focus on digital identity and access management is crucial in today's interconnected and data-driven world. Intercede's solutions are designed to help organizations establish and maintain secure digital identities for users and devices, protecting sensitive information and systems from unauthorized access.