Responding to cyber threats within minutes, not hours or days.


Siemplify is now Chronicle SOAR, part of Google Cloud! Chronicle’s cloud-native security, orchestration, automation, and response product, empowers security teams to respond to cyber threats in minutes--not hours or days.

Chronicle SOAR is the leading independent SOAR provider, redefining security operations for enterprises and MSSPs worldwide. The Chronicle SOAR Cloud platform is an intuitive workbench that enables security teams to manage their operations from end to end, respond to cyberthreats with speed and precision, and get smarter with every analyst interaction.


SOAR platforms are designed to help organizations streamline and improve their incident response processes, making it more efficient and effective in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.


  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR): the solution offers a comprehensive SOAR platform that integrates various security tools, data sources, and processes into a centralized and automated incident response system.

  • Incident Management: The platform helps security teams manage and respond to security incidents by providing a unified interface to investigate, prioritize, and coordinate responses.

  • Automation and Workflow: Chronicle SOAR enables the creation of custom workflows and automation playbooks to reduce manual and repetitive tasks, allowing security teams to respond to threats more efficiently.

  • Integration with Security Tools: The platform integrates with a wide range of security tools, including SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, threat intelligence feeds, endpoint security solutions, and more, to provide a centralized view of security alerts and events.

  • Threat Intelligence: It often includes features for incorporating threat intelligence feeds into incident response processes, helping security teams stay informed about the latest threats and indicators of compromise.

  • Reporting and Analysis: The solution offers reporting and analysis capabilities to help organizations track and improve their incident response performance over time.

SOAR platforms like Chronicle SOAR are essential in modern cybersecurity because they help organizations respond to threats in a more coordinated and automated manner. By centralizing incident data and automating routine tasks, security teams can become more agile and efficient in identifying and mitigating security incidents.