Endpoint Configuration Security Platform


Gytpol validates and secures your Group Policy (GPO) and Active Directory for Microsoft Domains, as well as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft InTune. Gytpol Validator is the only solution available which can accurately prove that the security policies defined & implemented are actually correctly applied on the Endpoints in an enterprise.


Did you know that on average, 90% of Endpoints do not have correctly applied Group Policies (GPO) due to mis-configuration, non-hardening, or failure to apply best practices when defining Endpoint security policies. With 70% of all successful attacks originate at the Endpoint, CISO's should also be securing their GPO, a neglected area in Endpoint security. Gytpol provides CISOs and CIOs with the visibility of which Endpoints are not compliant and how to rectify either through remediation or trusted step-by-step instructions.


  • GYTPOL Validator: At GYTPOL, our primary service revolves around our Validator. The GYTPOL Validator is a one-of-a-kind solution designed to combat configuration drifts. It's an endpoint security solution that focuses on validating the correct configuration of an organization's endpoint environment.

    One key benefit of our GYTPOL Validator is that it improves IT hygiene by automatically detecting and correcting faults in your configuration. This ensures system updates and changes are managed efficiently and correctly, thereby mitigating any possible security risks.

    We are also dedicated to continuous and non-stop endpoint validation, which ensures your system maintains its optimal configuration. Through this service, we aim to remove configuration drifts and work towards the prevention of imminent internal threats.

  • GYTPOL Framework: One of our important offerings is the GYTPOL Framework. This framework consists of self-healing capabilities, which allow it to visualize, manage, and correct your IT environment, further enhancing the security and reducing potential risks.


Our services adapt to businesses of all sizes. They can be implemented either on-premises or can be deployed in the cloud - whichever is most convenient and suitable for your organization.